I’m really starting to love my Instagram feed and I’m having a lot of fun creating beautiful photos. Having just upgraded to the new iPhone 7 Plus I can’t wait to test out the camera and especially the portrait mode, which I’ve heard is superb. Speaking of portraits I did a session with the talented Caroline Jones the week before last, who I’ve worked with before. You can see the result below. If you are London based and looking for a new headshot or portrait of yourself or a loved one, she’s definitely worth checking out.


Taking inspiration from the books How to Style your Brand and Million Dollar Blog I’m redesigning parts of the blog, including my logo. You can see the new one in place at the top of this page. I’ve loved learning about colour psychology and how to best put it into practice when it comes to branding. Running this blog has given me so many new skills and I love being on a journey of constant learning and improvement.

I've been reading these great books and I'm ready for a new working week! How about you?

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Daddy Long Legs gave me some gorgeous Christmas presents (after a bit of hinting). One was the grey cashmere jumper below and it’s quickly become one of my winter wardrobe favourites. What you do like to wear at this time of year?

Portrait photography by the talented @carojonesphoto More information will follow on the blog soon.

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I bought this statement necklace from @zara years ago and it's still one of my favourite pieces.

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I love the delicate colour of these alstroemeria. What's your favourite flower?

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I also received this beautiful leather bag from KeriKit. Having worked with them for the past year I know the quality of their products and this tan Charlie bag is no exception. It matches my new leather gloves which you can see in the photo of me in the sidebar on the left. It’s a perfect size as it holds both my camera and computer.

We’ve been sent the cutest outfit for Caspian from Roco Clothing including these swanky blue suede shoes. I can’t wait for him to wear it all.

With the passing of my friend recently I’m staying true to her spirit and focusing on all the lovely things in my life. I’m truly blessed and will not take any of it for granted. February is Caspian’s and my birthday month and I can’t wait to celebrate his second birthday. Time is so precious and life is short, so make sure you embrace it all.

I hope you’ve had a good week? Will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day? Keep your eye out for some great giveaways coming up.