What do you hope for when you buy your child a new toy? That it’s educational? That they get so engrossed that you are rewarded with half an hour to yourself? That is easy to tidy away once they’ve finished playing? Or simply that they have fun?

My Little Train Set from Wicked Uncle

I hope for all of the above. Though Caspian is at an interesting age. Having just turned 21 months he’s super inquisitive and loves to explore. This often means that anything which is not a toy, and preferably dangerous, is the best. His attention span is also relatively short and he therefore quickly moves on. So when the fabulous people at Wicked Uncle got in touch and offered us to review an item from their impressive range of toys for all ages, I was curious to see if I could find something that would impress our little man.

The adorable ladybird train from the My Little Train Set from Wicked Uncle

After browsing and using their helpful categories guiding you in the search online, I picked the MY LITTLE RAILWAY SET. It’s produced by German toy manufacturer Hape, who specialises in safe,  eco-friendly wooden toys made from sustainable materials.

Caspian loves music. Or maybe he just loves anything that makes loud noises. The latter is probably more the case. I have seen him gravitate towards instruments at playgroups though, so I knew that it would be of interest if the chosen toy had something like that incorporated.


I’m personally a big fan of wooden toys. They remind me of my childhood and are often harder to break than the plastic alternative. And trust me Caspian will try. This was the second reason for choosing the MY LITTLE RAILWAY SET.


The third reason were the monkeys. Jumping monkeys! I didn’t get this toy for Caspian at all if you haven’t guessed. They really intrigued me. They are spring loaded and proved a source of great delight (for both of us). I almost think Caspian would have been quite happy with just that part alone.



So this toy basically has it all. It’s educational and great for practicing colours, which Caspian loves at the moment. It’s stimulating in that he can build it and play music on the xylophone tracks. The set is really well made and so far is standing up to all the toddler bashing. And lastly it’s fun thanks to the jumping monkeys and so keeps him entertained as he explores with the little ladybird train.



MY LITTLE TRAIN SET retails at £39.99

  • Age: 18+ Months
  • Box Size: 48 cm x 24 cm x 12 cm
  • Weight: 1.8 Kg

This will make an excellent Christmas present guaranteeing that entertainment is in place for your toddler through ’till lunch. Or at least long enough for you to have a sip of champagne and wish your partner a merry Christmas.

What do you look for in a toy? Have you bought your Christmas presents yet?

NB! Please note we were gifted this set. All words and opinions are my own. 







  1. It looks great and I like the musical touches. I have a soft spot for German toys like this as they rind me of childhood trips to German toy stores.

    Less keen on the price though!


  2. I’ve heard really good things about My Wicked Uncle and this looks like it proves it! What a gorgeous gift that really has a bit of everything. The wooden toys always look the best too. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst xx

  3. What a fantastic little train set. I love the xylophone bridge! Caspian certainly looks very happy with his new toy #bestandworst x

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