Being a parent is undoubtedly a full-time job; so what are your options if additional income or personal identity beyond motherhood becomes necessary? Part-time jobs can provide just the solution! Let’s look into why part-time employment may work for you if you are currently a full-time parent.


Freelance writing can be tailored to fit the busy mum’s schedule with its flexibility. You can work from home during nap times or write after bedtime; blogging, copywriting and creating content for websites all offer opportunities for freelance writing. Plus if your artistic talent extends into literature this could become much more than a job! All it requires is a computer and stable internet connection – plus choosing projects you are passionate about as the ultimate bonus!


Teaching can be ideal for busy mums and dads to balance work and family life. With many teaching jobs available from part-time teaching in local schools to tutoring sessions at home or virtually, teaching could make an excellent part-time job. One which not only pays the bills but can bring great satisfaction too! It is rewarding to pass on knowledge – not only financially but personally as well!


If health and fitness are passions of yours, becoming a part-time fitness instructor could be the ideal career move. Busy moms can teach classes early morning, during school hours, or evening as per their availability. Some gyms even provide childcare services making it easier for parents to work without worrying about childcare for their little ones. Not only will teaching classes help others to achieve their fitness goals but it will help keep you on top of your regime. Plus it allows you to interact with adults outside the “mom” role! You could teach anything from yoga Pilates to high intensity interval training depending on your expertise!


With technology’s rise and advancements, being a Virtual Assistant (VA) has become an attractive part-time job option for busy moms. VAs provide services ranging from administrative duties, managing social media accounts, customer service support and much more all from the comfort of their own homes. This role offers flexibility in terms of working hours and schedule creation, making it easier for moms to build work around their family commitments. Many businesses, particularly start-ups and small enterprises, are in constant need of reliable virtual assistants (VAs). It offers you ample opportunities to hone new skills while remaining professionally connected and contributing to your family’s income without compromising your primary role as a mother.


For creative moms out there, crafting and selling handmade products can be an immensely fulfilling and profitable side job. The handmade market is an endless source of opportunities – jewellery, home decor items, custom clothing or even culinary creations. These can be sold through Etsy or Amazon Handmade platforms to reach global customers easily. Crafting can ignite your creative spark and produce work that expresses your unique style. In addition, running an online shop at times that best suit your schedule allows you to show off your talents while earning income through your passion. This makes crafting the ideal hobby for busy parents who value flexibility and personal fulfilment!

Finding a balance between motherhood and personal goals can be a difficult endeavour, but not impossible. By taking on part-time work that suits your needs and brings additional income – perhaps even helping to discover something you love! Every parent’s situation differs so take your time finding what is the ideal option for you.