Who doesn’t want to do their bit for charity? Most of us and the best part is that you can have a lot of fun whilst doing so. Charity events normally involve enjoying others’ company and laughter as you raise money for a meaningful cause. Everyone has a good time and a lot of money is raised. That is the two outcomes of a successful fundraising event, so how do you go about achieving that?

The answer is a lot of planning and preparation, as well as research into exactly what kind of events is most likely to draw in a crowd who will support your good cause.


The venue is the most important part of any event. It needs to be somewhere that is conveniently located, especially for those who have to rely on public transport to attend.  It can be hard to judge how many will take part unless you sell tickets up front but still try and get the best size. The last thing you want is to have to turn people away because, but neither do you want a venue that is far too big for your event as empty seats/space can dampen the atmosphere.

For small to medium-sized events, which can be anything from live stand-up comedy to a family day with fun and games, it could be worth asking local social clubs and community centres about hiring a room. Some venues offer more than just a room, some offer to throw in a catering service and any equipment, such as sound and lighting, which you may require.


It is important that anyone considering attending your event is made fully aware of what the ultimate goal of the day is. For example, at a religious time of year or celebration it is to be expected that any money raised will be donated to a good cause.

The same goes for your event for two primary reasons. Firstly, your guests will want to know where their money is going and, secondly, clearly advertising what you are fundraising for – particularly if it is a charity – could help to convince potential guests to come.

Pick a cause that is close to your heart, because then you will be fully invested in making your event a success. Include any personal stories in marketing material such as leaflets, brochures or press releases to help personalise the event, potentially helping your audience to better relate to what it is you are hoping to achieve.


This is the problem that all promoters are faced with, especially when they are first starting out and haven’t a clue as to what works and what doesn’t. As an amateur promoter looking to hold a basic event, this could be a daunting task. Striking the right balance between peak times and the costs and logistics involved can be a tricky obstacle.
Weekends, particularly Saturday afternoons and evenings, are always the most sought-after times. Not just with booking a venue, but with numerous other events on in the local area at the same time – so how do you guarantee that, at the time of your event, your guests wouldn’t want to be anywhere else?

A family-friendly event can take place either on a weekend morning or during the early evening on a weekday. This reduces the risks of being beaten by potential competition and, if you are hiring space outside of peak times, the costs will often be lower.


If you are serious about holding a fundraising event, then just do it. The chances are that not everything is going to go perfectly, and that’s okay. It’s a learning experience and, as a keen volunteer just looking to do something good, you won’t get a hard time at all if something doesn’t quite go to plan. Call on the help of family and friends and, above all else, just have fun with it!