If you are a regular follower of the blog, you might have picked up on me trying to obtain a healthier lifestyle. This has come about for several reasons. Firstly, I noticed I was getting more and more bruises. Especially on my legs. I feel like I need to stay well clear of Cruella deVille, or I’ll be in serious trouble. Secondly, I feel tired. Not surprising for a new(ish) mum, but it ‘s preventing me getting work done properly and has led to snapping at those around me (sorry Daddy Long Legs!). And thirdly I know I wasn’t drinking enough water, so I’ve really tried to up my intake to care for both myself and Caspian, who still breastfeeds.

I saw my GP to get some blood tests done. They came back saying I need more iron and vitamin D. Keep your eyes out a post on new Nordic brand, Blueiron, which is a liquid supplement with blueberries. I’m currently doing a 30-day-trial, so I’ll keep you updated on how that goes.

Last week I went to The Bloggers Hangout Summer event in London. It was on the day of the EU referendum vote and the weather here in London was ridiculous. Almost like an ominous prediction of the result. Anyway, that led to train cancellations across the capital making the journey difficult. I almost gave up, but finally arriving at Vauxhall after almost an hour meant I could take the underground and so I persevered.

Perfect 10 mobile beauty therapist.

I’m very glad I did as I got to hang out with some fabulous brands. I was treated to a pamper session by Perfect 10, a company that provides mobile beauty treatments. It was lovely to have my hair done, as I rarely have time to curl it myself these days. I can see booking some massage appointments with them in the future, as I feel so knotted up these days. It would be such a treat to have someone actually come to your house. Or maybe I’ll use them before a big event where I need to get proper glammed up.

As a breastfeeding mum I know how important it is to keep my protein intake up to help build my supply. I got chatting with these two young lads behind BEEFit. It’s a healthy snack perfect if you prefer savory to sweet. It’s biltong made at an organic farm here in the UK.

A great snack for protein from BEEFit

Then I’m excited to introduce you to T-tox. I’ve never been a big fan of coffee, but do like a mocha (hot chocolate with a shot of espresso) most days to make me wake up. The problem with that is all the sugar. T-tox specialises in matcha teas that you can either mix with regular or coconut water for a quick, refreshing shot to start your day. It’s surprisingly tasty and the green powder can also be added to smoothies or cupcakes to create healthy treats.

Matcha tea powder from T-tox.

If you are heading out or have an important day, where you need to be extra alert I suggest you give Faust’s Potions a try. They have a before and after shot, that helps you stay awake and later fall asleep. I’m yet to try the whole shot, but as I’m not a big clubber I think I’ll save it for a special occasion like my brother’s wedding in August, which will be full on all day.

Shots of energy from Faust's Potion

I’m a snacker. My blood sugar often drops if I don’t continuously eat through out the day. Daddy Long Legs is a camel. He can literally go all day on a croissant and a cup of tea. In order to not eat too much cake I’m always on the look-out for tasty, but more healthy treats. I’ve definitely found that with The Primal Pantry. These nutty bars are perfect. Caspian enjoys them as well, so they are ideal to keep in our changing bag.

Delicious, nutty snacks from The Primal Pantry

This last brand may not be health orientated as such, but it will definitely help you during that certain time of the month – if you a woman that is. If you are a guy and want to earn some brownie points, you might want to sign up your lady to this service. It’s called Pink Parcel and I was very impressed with what you get with this monthly subscription service. Check them out if you want some extra pampering during your period.

Pink Parcel

Have you heard of any of these brands? And what is your go-to product when it comes to looking after your health?