This is probably not the most glamorous of posts yet we all need to clean from time to time, so if anything it will hopefully be helpful. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been trying out some new DuPont cleaning products. A natural stain and odour control, a drain blocker and a seriously hardcore polish with carnauba wax. The latter two we don’t use very often, but the first is definitely a cleaning cupboard staple if you have children.


As I said this post wouldn’t be glamorous. September has been a busy month and got even more hectic when first Caspian and then I caught a sickness bug. At two-years-old my toddler hasn’t quite understood what is happening when he vomits. He naturally becomes distressed and often throws his head from side to side. I won’t go into detail, you get the picture! It was a couple of exhausting days made worse by me getting struck down, too.

The DuPont All Clear was an absolute godsend. It comes with a secure screw cap. Although it’s recommended that you spray it so I transferred it to a spray bottle. I was very impressed with how effective it is. Odour and stain disappeared under the foamy texture. I wiped it clean using kitchen towel. The DuPont All Clear works on a multitude of stains including coffee, wine, urine, vomit, faeces, and blood. Luckily we are yet to test it on the latter!


The product works well on dried-in stains, too. I tested it out on our hall carpet, which has seen better days and it quickly lifts any natural stains. I really like that it’s safe to use around children and animals. The DuPont All Clear product can be sprayed on hard and soft surfaces alike including carpets, bedding, mattresses and other fabrics plus toilets, taps, sinks and door handles. Please note the other two products require gloves and possible eye protection!

If you want to try out these DuPont cleaning products then you can find them on offer at Ideal World right now.

Please note we are sent these products. All words and opinions are my own.