How do you find travelling with kids? In many ways, it can be both magical and stressful. I’ve written this post in collaboration with Omio to help make it easier to plan those precious trips. Obviously, the past few years have made travelling tougher. Yet this doesn’t mean it can’t be done and even if you are staying local there are many places to go and explore with your children. Flying with kids can strike fear in even the most experienced travellers. While we’ve loved to fly to exotic destinations in the past, we also enjoy travelling by train or ferry. There are so much to see on the way that the journey becomes part of the holiday and it is often less stressful.


With the current climate, many have had to rethink the way they travel. We’ve always flown to Denmark when seeing friends and family there. Yet I’ve heard of many who explore different routes over the past year as travel started opening up again across Europe. I was interested to learn that a train route from Copenhagen in Denmark all the way to London – with stops through Germany – is being planned. Sometimes you might not realise that they are many different routes to your chosen destination. To take the stress out of searching and planning the clever app from Omio is what you need at your fingertips. They cover coaches, trains, flight and ferries as well as airport transfers so it’s easy to book for the whole family.


Several times I’ve travelled alone with the boys. It definitely can be done. Whether it’s just you with the kids or you have other adults it’s key that you come prepared. If you do so in advance it will most often be a smooth ride. If you have a baby with you then I suggest reading my post of flying with an infant. It holds all the information that you need to confidently bring the whole family along. Travelling with a toddler can be a challenge as they are less likely to sit still for longer periods of time. Make sure you bring an activity pack; puzzles, colouring-in and even play-doh can easily keep them occupied. Also, download their favourite films and TV shows on your electric devices and make sure these are fully charged before you set off.

Also, have plenty of drinks and snacks. Often these can be bought onboard the train or aeroplane. Yet in Covid times it’s better to be prepared before you set off so you don’t end up with hangry children. When we visited Denmark this summer a lot of the airport shops were closed. We also had to go straight for testing when we landed, so I was grateful I had snacks and drinks for the boys to hand.


Truly make it a family vacation by involving your kids in the whole process. From selecting your destination. To booking the tickets. My 6 year old definitely handles apps better than my other half. Allowing him to click through will mean he understands more about it all. Make them pack their own bags. Maybe not their clothing as it could easily lead to some interesting options for dressing once you are there. At least let them have a say in what toys they bring in their backpack. If you are flying then explain how check-in works. If it’s not busy the crew is often happy to involve little ones in pushing buttons to make the luggage belt go etc. Let them show their own boarding pass and passport.

Remember it’s a holiday and everyone should feel relaxed and enjoy themselves so make it easy from start to finish.