Top tips for travelling with a cold.

You’ve been looking forward to a holiday for ages. It’s finally here. You are starting to relax. You’ve made a list of everything you need to pack and feel reasonably in control. As you start to dream of days of leisure, of cocktails on the beach, of the exciting sights you are about to explore you suddenly feel a tickle in your throat. You brush it aside, maybe reach for a throat sweet yet deep down you know what’s about to happen.

Yes, that’s right, it’s finally your holiday and you’ve caught a cold!

This has happened to me on our last two trips and on countless others in the past. I was fine at Christmas yet as soon as we set off for the airport on the 26th the cold set in. I’ve been well in between our recent trip to Italy and our visit to Denmark now, yet in the last couple of days, the snot has been building. The same for Caspian.

It must be something to do with finally relaxing and then your body assumes it can get ill. The discomfort of feeling poorly can be quite stressful so what are the top tips for travelling with a cold?


At this time of year, it can feel almost impossible to avoid those pesky germs. Especially if you have young children. Whether it’s you or them or all the family suffering, travelling with a cold can make things tricky.

Former cabin crew Carrie from Flying With A Baby gives this important advice:

“As cabin crew, we were not allowed to fly if our ears were blocked. If you can’t clear them, please don’t fly! If you do, a perforated eardrum is possible and also incredibly painful. When travelling with a small child and if in doubt, have them checked by a nurse before you fly. Always make sure your travel insurance covers cancellations due to illness. 

If ears are clear, drink lots of fluids. A hot water and a slice of lemon can help. Or ask the crew for a hot water, dab a bit of Vicks in it and inhale with your blanket over you. 

Dress in layers so you feel comfortable regardless of the cabin being hot or cold; or if you are feeling shivery. 

Pack LOTS of tissues and consider taking antihistamine to stop your nose running all the time.” 

Vicks definitely seems to be a favourite amongst parents and solo travellers alike. Steph from Expert Home Tips has a long list of uses for Vicks. She recommends “Dab it onto your chest to keep your airways clear.” 

What are your top tips for travelling when feeling poorly?

Top tips for travelling with a cold.


  1. It’s always the way isn’t it. You can be absolutely perfect for the entire year then get ill just before a holiday. The holiday that you’re meant to be relaxing on! Great tips here although fingers crossed I won’t have to use them on my next holiday.

    Ami xxx

  2. Ergh travelling with a cold – I cant think of anything worse! How horrible! I hate colds! Great tips though should it ever happen!

  3. Awesome tips! And i hate travelling sick! I didn’t realise you’re advised to not travel when your ears are blocked – that explains a lot!

  4. That’s interesting that cabin crew can’t fly with a blocked ear – that’s something I really struggle with!

  5. As I’m getting older I find it so much harder to cope when I’ve got a cold, and they do always arrive just when you need it least.

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