Having spent six nights touring… I mean travelling with two toddlers and a baby (now there’s a name for a new age rock band) my friend and I came to the conclusion that being parents on the road must be very similar to the position of suffering PAs to the world’s music stars. From demanding the most peculiar foods at all hours of the day to trashing beautiful hotel rooms. Here are some top examples of toddlers behaving like rock stars (or is the other way around?) Caspian certainly has the hair for it!

“The staff will know their names and be high fiving them by the end of day one!” Alana

Yes, and actually only talking to you as the PA (parenting adult) if there is a problem. These crazy little creatures would definitely throw the TV out the window if they could, only to cry about not being able to watch Hey, Duggee!

“Because no matter what you do, the room will always end up trashed after day one. How on earth they make just as much mess with none of there usual toys I’ll never know…. Kirsty

On our recent trip to Iceland Caspian proceeded to whip off his nappy and pee on the floor ignoring the puddle like any self-respecting drunk rocker and walking off to create more havoc.

We also witnessed them using the toilet brush as a microphone. Like they aren’t loud enough already. I suppose they have to practice, right?

As Cathrine rightly points out: “You will probably end up screaming their name 100 times over like a teenage fan to get their attention when they’re playing with other kids, in the pool or generally not listening to you!”

Pete seems to be able to relate to the role of PA: “My kids seem to leave a trail of destruction behind them wherever they go, and I end up apologising to everybody.”


Refusing to participate and throwing a tantrum until they get their way. They would so threaten to call off the concert every five minutes. As Victoria puts it:

“Because you have to meet their high maintenance demands for a degree of decorum in public or deal with the fall out on the floor.” 

“And you can guarantee a crowd will gather around your toddler who is having an EPIC tantrum in the services.” Zoe

“When we went on Disney cruises when the Bear was little, the other guests spent as much time watching her as they did the characters. By the end of the trip, she had her own fan club” Victoria

Our two-year-old boys also realised that the miniature bottles in the bathroom are the perfect weapon. Why can’t parents see the fun in creating a body slide course through the room using a mix of lotion and conditioner? We must have lost our sense of fun and adventure along the way.

Frantically pressing the keys on the hotel safe while humming the theme tune to Number Blocks resulting in the box going into lockdown and the star aka the toddler going into meltdown because why wouldn’t you have put your favourite toy inside first? It’s designed for valuables right?!


“The amount of stuff they need just to exist is ridiculous, we need a tour bus just to move all their things around!” Kate

Crying about outfit changes. One moment they naturally want to be naked the next they obviously get angry if anyone tries to remove their PJs. Makes perfect sense to stars flying high and travelling toddlers alike.

“I suppose our son is not dissimilar to a very hungover rock star! Three times in three years he has caught us out with projectile vomit all over the car seat and himself. One of these times we had just picked up a brand new hire car – yikes! Luckily the other two times were in our own car, but still gross and all these times we somehow had no change of clothes or wipes on us. Hopefully, we’ve now learnt our lesson for the next time we travel! Always take spare clothes, wipes, towels and tissues no matter how old they are and no matter how rare it is they throw up!” Victoria

What’s your experience of travelling with toddlers?


  1. I have to say that Sebby has been amazing at travelling and is really chilled. Hubby did have a stand off yesterday with the man sitting in front who had a go as him, saying Seb was kicking his seat……….I would love to admit that he was but his poor little legs didn’t even reach!!

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