TROMBORG – healing aloe vera gel

I have long wanted to try an aloe vera beauty product as I have only heard very good things about it’s healing capacities. So when I discovered that one of my favorite Scandinavian brands, TROMBORG, carry exactly this type of product I was very excited.

TROMBORG is founded by makeup artist, Marianne Tromborg. She works closely with co-founder and  photographer Michael Wendt and bio chemist Tim Schyberg to create gorgeous skincare and makeup products. The idea behind all their products is Scandinavian simplicity – they should be easy to use without too much fuss.

The reason I was searching for a wonder product is simple. After becoming a mum I must admit I haven’t been the best at looking after my skin. During pregnancy I was lucky to experience this so-called pregnancy glow and for the first time in my life (except for a few weeks during the end of the first trimester where I suffered terrible breakouts) I had very clear and beautiful skin. I know that hormones play a part, but I also ate well and took my vitamins which probably contributed.

But this also led to laziness. That combined with considerable less sleep after Caspian’s arrival and considerable more chocolate (breastfeeding takes it out of you!) means my skin has started to suffer. Make up and especially a good concealer goes a long way to me not looking completely drained, but I have realised that I would rather prevent than cover up.

So my first cause of action was to invest in this wonder gel. I have never felt that my skin took to gels well though, so wasn’t too sure if this was the right choice. I was therefore pleasantly surprised to discover that TROMBORG’s healing gel with aloe vera doesn’t give me the tightening sensation I have experienced before but leaves my skin feeling incredibly nourished, hydrated and soft – precisely what I was after.

I love the black and white packaging. The gel is clear and has a refreshing lemony scent that’s very uplifting in itself. And it seems a little goes a long way.

Being sleep deprived and clumsy I burnt my hand the other week putting a tray of potatoes in the oven leaving me with a bad burn that most likely will turn into a scar. A couple of days ago I began using the aloe vera gel on there as well as on my face and neck and I have already seen a big improvement in the texture of the skin on my hand. I can therefore well imagine that it will also work as a great after sun this summer. Though I do not intent to expose myself to that level of burning when enjoying the weather in the coming months, of course. And I also discovered that TROMBORG now does a range of organic sun screens, so they are definitely going on my list!

TROMBORG pride themselves on only using natural products, which is important to me. Giving Caspian lots of kisses and cuddles throughout the day I don’t want him to come in contact with too many artificial ingredients from my beauty products and I favour the brands that use natural and organic ingredients.

TROMBORG – healing gel aloe vera retails at approximately £24 (240 DKK).

aloe vera healing gel tromborg