While visiting family in Denmark last weekend I took inspiration from my friend Sandy over at Mommy’s Little Princesses who has recently displayed some beautiful macro photography on her Instagram feed.

My parents’ garden was buzzing and the hard-working bees were especially attracted to the gorgeous purple lavender. We also spotted many beautiful butterflies but naturally the stunning peacocks stood out the most. I’d never realised that they are almost black on the other side, so when they close their wings they could easily blend in with a three trunk or similar and go unnoticed.



Here are some of the photographs I snapped. It was wonderfully relaxing trying to catch these little bugs buzzing around in the beautiful sunshine. I’m not a big fan of creepy crawlers, particular spiders, but when you see them up close like here they look kind of cute looking all soft and furry.




Butterfly and a bee


My Petit Canard
Pink Pear Bear


  1. What amazing photography! I cant imagine how long and patient you must have had to have been to capture these. Really beautiful and well worth waiting for 🙂 Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily

  2. Stunning photos! I love to see the details and colours. Didn’t realise they were nearly black on one side too. Interesting to know that. #bigpinklink

  3. These photos are really fantastic! I love taking photographs and love finding inspiration in the simplest of things. Really beautiful. I love how black the butterfly wings are. x #bigpinklink

  4. These are fab photos Nadia! I also did the same last week with some of my photos when we went to Mayfield Lavender. They are no where near as good as yours though! Definitely need to invest in a DSLR! xx

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