It had reached a point where I was close to changing my name to Imelda Marcos. I therefore recently cleared out a fair few pairs of shoes. Some because they no longer fit. Having a baby comes with some additional “perks” like an increase in shoe size. Some because, well, what was I thinking? And some because I simply had too many and there were pairs I never wore. Even though I’ve never invested in shoes, they were still in good condition and they have now been donated to our local charity shop and my wardrobe is a bit more spacious.

Designer handbags

Along with the clear out of shoes, I also donated some clothes. I want a wardrobe of things I actually wear and this process has helped. I didn’t donate any handbags though as I love my little collection. As you might know, if you follow the blog regularly I have a couple of gorgeous leather changing bags turned work bags from Kerikit. I use these most days as they hold everything I need on days out with Caspian as well as being super practical when I’m away for work. I can fit both my laptop and cameras in there along with paperwork, makeup bag and anything else I need.

Along with these, I have a black Michael Kors shoulder bag that I used daily before Caspian came along. It’s a simple classic style that works well for work, too. My two oldest designer handbags are Louis Vuitton, both gifts. A smaller clutch bag I use on nights out (so not as often these days!) and the black NOÉ shoulder bag. The quality is exquisite and these vintage Louis Vuitton are just the best. I’ve used the shoulder bag so much over the past decade yet it still looks fantastic and I get so many compliments when out and about despite it being a subtle design. I don’t always believe that a high price equals high quality but in this case, it’s true.


I also had a matching Louis Vuitton purse, but we had foxes burgle our house last year and clearly they have good taste (and the leather must have smelled delicious) as they ran off with my purse. I’m yet to replace it but been thinking of getting one second hand as with this brand of designer second-hand handbags I know from experience that they will still look and feel almost new.

Do you have a favourite bag? What is it you love about it?

Please note this is a collaborative post. All words and opinions are my own. 


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