This is a collaborative post

Are you a gardener? I love relaxing in the garden, but admittedly know little on how to maintain it all.

All through winter and early spring Daddy Long Legs spent a lot of time and energy getting the garden ready for summer. You don’t realise how much time you need to invest to make it flourish. I love spending time in our garden but I don’t possess much knowledge as to how to care for flowers and trees, bushes or the lawn. Luckily my man does and he is doing a fantastic job out there making it a haven for Caspian and me to run around and relax. The neighbourhood cats and local foxes seem to like it in there as well.

Where Daddy Long Legs often tell me how removing dead leaves and flowerheads allow for new growth I must say one thing that surprised me was how much you actually need to cut back. So much that over the winter he needed to take out the chainsaw. He clearly knows what he’s doing but I wish he would wear more protective gear. Like chainsaw trousers to protect those long legs of his!


I would love for us to go on holiday this summer but between work and our house renovations, it’s looking unlikely. Maybe later in the year. Fingers crossed. Though with the wonderful weather we are experiencing here in the UK at the moment it almost feels like being in Southern Europe.

If this gorgeous warm sunshine continues I’d love to go camping with Caspian in the garden. He’s been watching episodes of Peppa Pig where they sleep under the stars in tents and I think he would love that. If you need a little inspiration as to how to entertain your little ones this half term and summer holiday don’t forget to check out my guide to cultural activities for kids. 

Do you have a holiday planned this summer? Or are you planning on a stay-cation this year?