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Stylish oil filled heater from Mill Heat

What are the two things that Scandinavians seem to be best at? Beautiful design and staying warm. Daddy Long Legs often wonders why I don’t fear winter. I should, given the draughty state of many English homes, but I’ve learned to wrap up in cosy knitwear and love a good woollen throw. Plus I adore Christmas, especially a white one and both mine and Caspian’s birthday fall in February, so there is plenty to look forward to in the colder months.

Although nothing beats a clever heating system to keep you nice and toasty through until spring! Norwegian brand Mill Heat are absolute experts. They have a fantastic range which is sold through If you are in the market for an electric heater that not only looks stylish but will heat up your home easily then these are the ones to go for in my opinion.

Stylish upright oil filled heater from Mill Heat


As much as the sleek design is wonderful to look at and allows the heaters to fit in seamlessly in most homes, it’s more about what the heaters can do. How effective are they? Both the Mill Heat 99401 Convector Heater and the larger Mill Heat 99407 Oil Filled Radiator that we’ve been testing come with:

  • 2000 Watt power output
  • 3 room modes to choose from
  • The option to set the heat to turn on and off at a specific time
  • Automatic shut off system for peace of mind
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty

The smaller convector heater retails at £119 and the larger oil-filled at £229. You can also find two types of wall mounted heaters from Mill Heat and if you need that instead.


As we are currently renovating our old Victorian house we don’t have heating installed in the lower part of the house. We have a beautiful guest room overlooking the garden and it’s also where I do most of my work. It has been almost useless in the winter, until now. The two heaters easily warm up this large room and with the many funtions, it means I can easily control it and only have it on when we are actually in there.

Hygge with Mill Heat convector heater

I love that they don’t overheat and I don’t have to be overly cautious when Caspian is around. I especially like the larger of the two designs as with it being upright it slots in perfectly in smaller spaces yet gives off a lot of heat. With it being oil-filled, it means that it retains heat for longer, even after it’s switched off which saves a lot of money.

Have you heard of Mill Heat before? How do you feel about winter and seasonal change? What’s your best hygge tip to stay cosy and warm indoors?


  1. These look and sound great, but since moving to Sweden we’ve been very snug with our non drafty house 🙂 no gap under the front door, and windows that fit properly mean we are nice and cosy

  2. I haven’t heard of these before but we definitely need one of these in our bedroom. Our house gets so chilly at night time. This is probably the most stylish heater I’ve ever seen! x

  3. That’s really stylish, I wouldn’t have known it was a heater if you hadn’t of said! We could do with a heater in the living room as our sofa is in front of the radiator, we really don’t have anywhere else to put it unfortunately. I’ve been putting it off as they’re so ugly but this is actually lovely! x

  4. I’m not a fan of being cold and our fire is on a lot in the winter. I think a little portable heater would be such a great way of adding a burst of heat to a room without putting in a new fireplace.

    1. I’ve been so impressed. Having them in our guest room, which is huge, means I can warm it up quickly and comfortable sit and work. Plus should we have unexpected guests we can accommodate them quickly.

  5. Only you could make a portable heater look so great in pictures! It totally blends in with your decor and isn’t sticking out like a ghastly metal beast! Need this!

    Maria _ Baby Things

  6. Not heard of these before, but for a house with an open plan ground floor, one of these heaters may be just the thing I need.

  7. I’ve not heard of Mill Heat before, but this is exactly what my Dad needs in his old house. I’ll have to let him know 🙂

  8. Those really are some impressively stylish heaters – I don’t think I’ve ever seen heaters that nice before. They’re usually such industrial things!

  9. I’ve so glad I’ve seen this post. We’ve been after something like this for the conservatory for a while just to keep it a bit warmer in the winter!

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