As a new mum it can be hard to find time for everything. Getting around to booking something as simple as an appointment for a massage or a haircut drowns in everything else on your never ending to-do-list. By the time you’ve found the number for the salon, gotten through on the phone and actually found a time and date that works it can feel like it’s taken up half the day already. With the clever service from, you simply pop online anytime 24/7, pick your salon or clinic, choose what you want done, what time and within minutes you’ll receive an email confirmation. Super clever and super easy, perfect for the busy schedule of a parent!


I know I need to be better at looking after myself. Making myself a priority is something I haven’t been very good at since becoming a mum. Especially now with running a business, too, though I’m working on changing this. At the moment I’ve started using new products, investing in self care and making sure I feel good about my appearance. For Caspian’s sake as much as for my own.

I was therefore very excited when I had a chance to test out the service from and get my hair done with the wonderful and talented people at the Clo & Flo salon in South Kensington.

scandimummy-clo-and-flo works with a wide range of salons and clinics across the capital, so whether you are simply after a quick manicure, looking for a full body massage or like me a new hairstyle, they’ve got you covered.

The process of booking is so easy and I simply added half a head of high lights and a blow dry to my virtual basket and checked out. You can choose to prepay or pay at the salon after your treatment. They have a 24 hour cancellation policy, but besides that it’s easy to change your time should you need to.


It’s been a while since I have last visited a salon and this showed. Not only were my locks in dire need of some TLC, the colour had also gone a bit patchy at the back possibly do to with previous years’ bad application. Luckily I was in excellent hands at Clo & Flo as you can see from this before and after shot.


My assigned hair master was a lovely and chatty Frenchman called Cedric. He clearly knew his Scadi blondes, something I’ve struggled to find here in the UK and possibly why I’ve ended up with the weird looking leopard printed style at the back.

I’ve only ever had high lights done using tin foils, but Cedric introduced a new and gentler way with cotton, which might have made me look like a bit of a nutter in the process, but yielded a gorgeous and very natural result in the end.


For the styling we went for a festive look with soft waves perfect for the parties of the upcoming Christmas holiday. If you are looking to treat yourself this December I definitely recommend that you check out and if you are local to South Kensington book yourself in with Clo & Flo on 55 Old Brompton Road.

I shared this on Instagram just after my appointment. All of yesterday and today people have been commenting on my hair, so I couldn’t be happier. Daddy Long Legs even mentioned I looked a lot more relaxed and refreshed, so I’m ready to book in for my next appointment. What do you think of my festive new style?

NB! Please note I was gifted this service in exchange for a feature. All words and opinions are my own.