If there was one thing I wish I had invested in when Caspian was a newborn, it’s the Swedish designed Sleepyhead from Enfant Terrible. I have heard endless good things about this little pod to help get your baby to settle and sleep well and I’m sure we could have used it in those early days. It’s also no secret that Caspian, now age 2,  is not the best sleeper. He stirs easily and whenever we feel like we’ve finally settled into a good routine a cold, teething or the neighbour’s building work seem to disturb him and we are back to square one with lots of waking in the night.

Sleepyhead Grand review

I was therefore very excited to find out that the Sleepyhead actually comes in a grand version and learn that this ingenious design, therefore, accommodates 8-36 months of age. I was even more excited when we were offered to test one out. We were sent the Sleepyhead Grand in Pristine White, but it comes in a selection of pretty prints as well.

Sleepyhead Grand in toddler bed

Arriving a couple of weeks ago we have had a good few nights to see how Caspian would settle and if it could help improve his nights (and ours, too). To begin with, he was, I have to say, more excited about the giant cardboard box that the Sleepyhead arrived in. It has provided hours of fun and it perfect for peek-a-boo, so that was an added bonus.

He also liked the look of the Sleepyhead and quickly picked up on the fact it was for him. He accepted it in his bed though might have seen it more as a fun toy than a sleep aid, to begin with. I think the transition would have been easier had he been used to the smaller deluxe version as a baby, but I was pleased to see that he quickly settled there. Toddlers are fickle little creatures so you never know how they’ll react.


The Sleepyhead Grand is despite its size (H10 x W60 x D102cm) lightweight and portable. It can be used in cots and junior beds and also works as a bed guard. It’s ideal for co-sleeping like we do, and it definitely makes your little one feel safer.

Other great features include the anti-microbial properties, the fact you can take the cover off and it’s machine washable. You definitely need that as you never know when your toddler has an accident (or decides to sneak chocolate into bed!).

Caspian has never settled in travel cots when we’ve been away, but I suspect that bringing the Sleepyhead Grand with us would help him do just that.

The Sleepyhead Grand retails at £180 but will last you from 8 to 36 months. You can order it online from their own website, John Lewis and Jo Jo Maman Bebe to name a few.


As Caspian is still teething (will it ever end?!), poor baby, he has been more restless than normal, but I would still say that we’ve seen some very good results. The biggest change has been during the evenings. Caspian still feeds to sleep and once he’s drifted off into the land of nod I move him into the Sleepyhead now placed in his bed, next to mine. He seems very comfortable and stays down for the evening which is amazing as it allows me time to work.

With the clocks going forward recently that was another hurdle to overcome as parents of a toddler, but he seems to settle into a 7 o’clock bedtime routine again. He has also had some excellent daytime naps in the Sleepyhead Grand. Even though it clearly provides great comfort and is well-designed he still crawls over into our bed during the night. This could partly be down to the fact that feeding helps relieve the pain of teething and also that he’s so used to sleeping close to me.

I’m intrigued to see how it will help him hopefully sleep even better over the coming months once we are completely through with the pain of teething. Fingers crossed for a full night’s sleep soon.

Please note we were sent the product for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own. 


  1. I have been desperate for one of these for Arthur (i.e. The terrible sleeper) since forever … and now we have number 2 on the way I’d love to try the baby one for bed sharing….they have been on my wish list since I can remember xx #kcacols

  2. I know loads of people who used the smaller size and it was something we considered too. It’s nice to see the Grand getting some recognition too! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

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