Collaboration with Furniture at Work

For years I’ve been self-employed and enjoyed the freelancer lifestyle. It is incredibly hard at times but also very rewarding. It has allowed me to spend precious time with Caspian, too, and hopefully, the same will be the case with the new baby arriving this summer as well. When I worked as an actress I didn’t need a home office as such. It’s always helpful to have a dedicated workspace so that you can actually close the door at the end of the day and return to home life and vice versa. Whether you need the space for rehearsing or writing it helps you structure your day better as you are not drawn to do housework or watch TV instead of being productive.


In recent years since the blog became my business, I’ve been longing for a home office. I’ve had to share the space with our guest room and it also doubles as my photography studio. Not to mention it happens to be the only room with a TV, so Caspian enjoys coming in there, too. It means it often gets cluttered as I generally only have a few hours of dedicated work time when Caspian is at preschool. This room is also located in a part of the house that we are currently renovating so there is no heating in there making focused work in the winter complicated.

With spring and summer coming I have, however, been looking at getting a desk but it’s hard to find one that fits in with the decor of the guest room. So far I’ve been sat at an old wooden table. It’s been okay but I dream of a desk that not only looks great but is ergonomic, too. Especially now I’m pregnant as sitting down for hours can be tiring and uncomfortable. I’ve looked at office furniture from Furniture At Work.


I’ve still tried to make it an inviting space. I have pretty succulents adorning the table. These don’t require much attention or care and looks lovely all year around. Plus they give off this cool Scandi vibe. I also have some inspirational prints to keep me focused and to help me stay motivated. Naturally, I have framed pictures of Caspian which always makes me smile. I’m can’t wait to photograph the baby so he can join his brother and be part of my eternal inspiration.

My HP Spectre 360 laptop which along with my Canon 5D camera are my most prized possessions also sit on my desk when not in use elsewhere. I’ve been known to take the laptop into bed and naturally my camera travels everywhere with me from family days out to professional shoots. When I started blogging professionally I knew that good equipment would be essential to keep my creativity flowing.

What’s your desk story? I’d love to know what’s on yours whether you work from home or in an office?