This week has been crazy busy, so busy that I was even working on Mother’s Day. Though as I was photographing the most precious newborn baby girl and her parents it didn’t feel like work. I thought it appropriate to share this post following all of this as I’ve truly felt I’ve been rocking motherhood recently, even if it’s taken me a while to write this.

I was tagged in #ROCKINGMOTHERHOOD by the lovely Maria from Suburban Mum and Cecile from The Frenchie Mummy. The mastermind behind the #ROCKINGMOTHERHOOD tag is the stylish Patricia from White Camelias and it’s a great way to celebrate how well we’re all doing as mums. Especially in a world which is constantly trying to make us feel inadequate as parents.

Both here in the UK and in Denmark where I’m from it’s rare for people to boast about or share their own successes, which really is a shame. Tall poppy syndrome is alive and well, unfortunately, which means we don’t talk about things going well and often end up wallowing in self-pity and negativity. We are scared of saying “I’m good at” as we often fear others will judge us. With the recent women’s march worldwide I think it’s time to realise that we need to acknowledge our strengths and more importantly we should support each other, especially in our successes. There’s is also an absurd amount of pressure put on us as parents, on mothers probably more so, to be everything to everyone.


#1 I do it with no family around. Naturally, I’d love to have especially my parents closer so that they could see Caspian more often but also help me for a couple of hours once in a while. Unfortunately, Daddy Long Legs has no family left as his parents have past away so we are truly doing it with minimal support. This is hard at times but we somehow get through it and it has in many ways brought us closer as a couple.

#2 I’m teaching Caspian new skills every day and really enjoy seeing him grow and develop. Although I want to give him the best start in life I will try my best to also allow him to develop in his own time. Right now he loves his colours, numbers and letters and he’s doing really well in picking up both English and Danish.

#3 I’m still breastfeeding. When I gave birth I had never imagined that we would still be going two years later. My initial goal was to get to six months. I would love Caspian to wean soon but by still going it does mean that I can provide him with comfort at night when teething bites (pun intended!) and when he’s poorly where he seeks me out specifically.

#4 I’m kind and for the most part patient. Yes, I’ve lost it a couple of times thanks to the wonderful hormones we are blessed with after giving birth and felt sad and dishearten but overall I think I’m good at making Caspian feel secure and happy. This has also led to Caspian becoming a kind and sweet boy. He has recently been given a baby doll and she is very well looked after if you disregards the green pen on her face today.  Though I don’t think he meant any harm.

#5 I’ve travelled with him alone several times. The first time was when he was only a tiny baby of not even three months.  Last time was just earlier this month. We got delayed as the first flight had technical problems which meant changing planes after settling in our seats. Caspian had actually fallen asleep and I was looking forward to a peaceful flight back to London. To say I was upset when we then had to get all our stuff together and walk to a different gate would be an understatement. I didn’t let it show though and took it in my stride, even when it turned out the second flight had computer issues and we were further delayed for more than an hour. I played, engaged and cuddled my little boy and he handled it all beautifully.

#6 Since Caspian was born I’ve developed my skills as a photographer which allows me to capture all of our memories. Being the beautiful, cheeky, active boy that he is, Caspian is a great model and it’s such a pleasure to shoot him and create little pieces of art most days.

#7 I’ve managed to maintain a deep and loving relationship with Daddy Long Legs despite a few hormonal ups and downs which shows Caspian what a loving and supportive family we are.

#8 As I’ve always loved to cook I’m so happy that I can provide delicious food for my two boys. Yes, we get ready meals from time to time as I believe it’s important not to stress about these things. Plus I tend to leave the washing up to Daddy Long Legs!

#9 I love children, always have. So becoming a mum was something I knew I wanted from a young age. I think this shows in my close and caring relationship with Caspian. After seeing him with his new baby I know he’d make a great big brother and I would love another one child, some day.

#10 Since becoming a mum I’ve felt more confident and comfortable in my own skin. I still make an effort to look what I feel is my best, but even on the days where being a mum takes over and leaves little time for being glamourous I still feel good about myself. Hopefully, this will mean that I can pass on a healthy attitude to body image to Caspian.

Why do you rock parenthood? Or just life in general?


  1. What a lovely, positive post! Its so true that people are always too shy to give themselves a pat on the back too!!
    Loving the idea of #RockingMotherhood – great post!

    #MarvMondays x

  2. Love finding out more about you, you’re so brave travelling alone with such a tiny baby at three months… I was terrified on our first flight! And I had help!! x

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