Finding out you are pregnant can be emotionally overwhelming. You might have been trying for a while. Like we did you might have experienced pregnancy loss and so a rainbow baby means so much more. It might be your first or possibly your last pregnancy making it really precious. None the less you are in for a rollercoaster ride with immense highs and sometimes unexplainable lows when hormones take their turn. I’m a firm believer in always trying to see the glass half full and looking for the positive in a situation. Therefore I’ve put together a little list of some of the perks of pregnancy. You might not experience all of them and as I’m learning all pregnancies are different. Yet if you have a day where things just feel that little bit off, try and focus on the good.


Due to the increase in blood flow, you might see fuller and glossier hair. You might also notice that your hair is growing faster than normal. I have highlights in my hair which has now been proven to be fine in pregnancy so you can even continue to maintain your look while growing a bump. I was thinking of having mine cut. Not short, just shoulder length but haven’t been brave enough to take the leap yet. Do you have long or short hair?


This was again something I loved in my first pregnancy but haven’t quite been blessed with this time around. Luckily there are treatments available to help you achieve it if mother nature isn’t being so generous. In my case, I think it’s down to having primarily been pregnant through the colder months so far. This means that the frosty weather outdoors and the heating inside have dried out my skin. The lack of proper sleep thanks to my 4-year-old could also have something to do with it. Both my skin and I are ready for spring and summer! Do you see a difference in your skin depending on the season?


Every time I look at my hands I feel happier. Normally I battle brittle and chipped nails in winter but this year they are strong and healthy and look beautiful. I didn’t wear nail polish in my first trimester but do put it on now from time to time. I’ve always been a bit obsessed with nails so this is definitely uplifting for me. Did you see a change in your nails during pregnancy?


If you’ve been looking to give your body a rest when it comes to sugar, alcohol and caffeine, pregnancy is the ideal time. I know some still crave sweet treats, I certainly have this pregnancy and it’s been a bit of a struggle. With Caspian, I mainly wanted salty food and didn’t fancy cake nor sweets. Going by the old wives tale of sweets for girls I did think I might be having one, but no still a big strong boy on the way who just happens to have a sweet tooth. Actually, I think it’s down to me not getting as much sleep as I did the first time around. This has also meant that I’ve had the occasional cup of coffee where I didn’t have any with Caspian.

Where I don’t think a piece of cake or a latte hurts I feel very strongly about alcohol in pregnancy. A glass of bubbles at Christmas or on your birthday especially once you are past the first trimester shouldn’t cause any trouble but in my personal opinion, it’s best to stay away from alcohol completely. Your body is already working hard creating and protecting a new life, so best to give your organs a good detox and rest in those 9 months. Plus it gives you something to look forward to if you do enjoy a nice glass of wine.

What did you love the most about being pregnant? Besides the little flutters, first kicks and of course the beautiful baby at the end of it all?

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  1. i am not a mother, but did not know that there are so many perks. Who would have known! xx

  2. You look very beautiful, there are lots of perks but it can be hard to focus on them when your having a struggling day. I am insecure about my tummy, so when I was pregnant I didn’t have to worry about it, I was proud of it and loved showing it off. Only time in my life I haven’t worried!

  3. You look gorgeous! I miss that full pregnancy hair and strong nails it has to be said. A natural detox sounds like a great idea!

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